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$2 OFF ALL AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & Kubernetes Practice Exams!

Requesting Access to the Exam Simulator in the Tutorials Dojo Portal for the Unique Azure Exam Question Types

The Azure certification exams are composed of different types of questions such as: (1) Multiple-choice, (2) Drag and Drop, (3) Dropdown, and (4) Hotspot questions.

Here’s an example of a Drag and Drop question:

Since the Udemy platform can only accommodate multiple-choice type questions, we are giving our Udemy users free 3-month access to our Azure Exam Simulator here in the Tutorials Dojo portal to get a real feel of how these kinds of questions look like in the actual exam.

The coupon and link to the exam simulator can be found in our Welcome Message that we sent to you when you enrolled in our Udemy course:

Note: User registration in the Tutorials Dojo Portal is required and the coupon expires in 30 days.

If you haven’t seen our Welcome Message on Udemy yet (which contains the coupon and link to the exam simulator), kindly send us a direct message on Udemy.

We will respond within 3-5 business days with a coupon and link to the exam simulator, as well as important instructions, once you send us a private message on Udemy. Also, for quicker response time, it’s best to message the Tutorials Dojo account (https://www.udemy.com/user/tutorials-dojo-3/) instead of Jon Bonso’s.