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  • 2 Lessons

    Amazon API Gateway for Serverless Applications

    This free digital course will teach the important concepts about Amazon API Gateway and the things that you need to know to start building your serverless applications in AWS.

  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon Aurora MySQL – Basics

    Amazon Aurora MySQL is AWS' custom relational database engine in the cloud that provides up to 5X the throughput of standard MySQL. This performance is on par with commercial databases, at 1/10th the cost.
  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon Connect: Creating and Managing Amazon Connect Instances

    Amazon Connect is a cloud contact center that helps you offer superior customer service. Because it is designed from the ground up to be omnichannel, Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice, chat, and tasks for your customers and contact center agents. Amazon Connect includes tools for skills-based routing, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and intuitive management tools. With pay-as-you-go pricing, Amazon Connect can lower costs while improving contact center operations and agent efficiency.

  • 2 Lessons

    Amazon DynamoDB for Serverless Architectures

    This free course provides an in-depth introduction to Amazon DynamoDB and how it is leveraged in building a serverless architecture. It also talks about core DynamoDB components and how-to setup and access them in creating a serverless application.

  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon EC2 Basics

    Welcome to the Amazon EC2 Basics course. Compute services are the backbone that power most web-based applications. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is the foundation that many other Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings are built upon.

  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon Event Bridge Overview

    In this technical demonstration, you will learn how Amazon CloudWatch Events is used and how it integrates with Amazon EventBridge. You will first review a CloudWatch Event rule that will send a message to an Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) queue. Next, you will see how to set up an EventBridge bus to integrate with a partner software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. Finally, you will view demonstrations, including a scenario with a sample producer or consumer application that uses EventBridge. The example scenarios will show integration of other Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings, such as Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP Primer

    Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP provides fully managed shared storage in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. In includes popular features, data access options, and management capabilities of NetApp ONTAP.

    In this course you will learn about the features, benefits, and common use cases for FSx for ONTAP. You will learn how to deploy FSx for ONTAP file systems. We conclude with an examination of some of the post-deployment FSx for ONTAP considerations, such as the pricing, management, and monitoring options available to you.

  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Primer

    This course teaches you how Amazon FSx for Windows File Server can support your Windows-based applications and workloads. In this course, you learn about the benefits and use cases of FSx for Windows File Server. You explore the basics of configuring a file system. You also learn about the best practices to follow when administering your file systems. Finally, you review the cost model associated with using Amazon FSx for Windows File Server.

    • Course level: Intermediate    
    • Duration: 1 hour
  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon Lightsail: Deploying and scaling your first cloud application

    Amazon Lightsail is a cloud platform that’s cost-effective, fast, and reliable with an easy-to-use interface. It’s ideal for simpler workloads, quick deployments, and getting started on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    In this training, you will learn about the benefits of Amazon Lightsail, best practices for deploying your application onto Lightsail preconfigured blueprints, and how to use snapshots and load balancers to scale applications. You then learn when and how to migrate from Amazon Lightsail to other AWS services.

  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon Route 53 – Basics

    Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service. It translates human readable names, like "", into numeric IP addresses, like

    As a DNS service, Route 53 allows you to map domain names to IP addresses or other names. Meaning end users can connect to your application using these configured domain names. Route 53 provides health checks for resources to ensure availability. It sends automated requests over the internet to a resource, such as a web server, to verify that it's reachable, available, and functional. You can also choose to receive notifications when a resource becomes unavailable and choose to route Internet traffic away from unhealthy resources.

  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon Route 53 – Basics of Domain Name System (AWS Support)

    In this course, you will learn about Domain Name System (DNS)–related terminology, concepts, architecture, and troubleshooting tools. Course provided by AWS Support. Intended Audience This course is intended for: • Networking support • Networking administrators • Networking developers • Networking architects • Networking engineers • Partners enrolled in Partner-Led Support • AWS customers
  • 1 Lesson

    Amazon S3 Demonstration

    Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. This means customers of all sizes and industries can use it to store and protect any amount of data for a range of use cases, such as websites, mobile applications, backup and restore, archive, enterprise applications, IoT devices, and big data analytics. In this course, you acquire the knowledge you need to start using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  • 1 Lesson

    Analytics at AWS

    This course introduces AWS Analytics tools – a category of services that are tightly integrated to enable data ingestion, storage, analysis, and visualization.

    Note: This course has local transcripts/subtitles. Narration is delivered in English.

  • 6 Lessons

    AWS Analytics Services Overview

    This is an introduction to the various analytics services in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • 5 Lessons

    AWS Application Integration Services Overview

    This is an introduction to the various application integration services in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • 1 Lesson

    AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) – A Technical Introduction

    In this course, you will learn key concepts, basic architecture, and implementation approaches for AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN). A step-by-step walk-through guides you through the entire process of performing a migration with AWS MGN. This training is recommended if you are actively working on migration projects with the service or are assisting customers in doing so.

  • 2 Lessons

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Latest Edition)

    This is the latest version of the free AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course which aims to improve AWS Cloud knowledge by learning about different AWS Cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. 

  • 5 Lessons

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Second Edition)

    This course has been archived. Please use the Latest Edition instead by clicking this link
  • 9 Lessons

    AWS Compute Services Overview

    This is an introduction to the various compute services in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • 1 Lesson

    AWS CustomerCast – Amazon Transcribe

    Amazon Transcribe is an AWS service that makes it easy for customers to convert speech-to-text.

    To put it simply: Amazon Transcribe converts audio input into text.

    It utilizes automatic speech recognition (ASR) for accuracy and performance. This is a deep learning technology.