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Since the foundational (Cloud Practitioner) and Associate-level (Solutions Architect Associate, Developer Associate, and SysOps Administrator Associate) exams have a lot of overlapping topics, some of the video lectures in this course are also a part of our other exam preparation video courses of the same level.

Therefore, you can opt to skip the following lectures if you are also enrolled in our other video courses or if you already have extensive experience and working background in AWS.

  • Section 3 – Amazon Web Services (AWS) Basics
  • Section 4 – AWS Services Categories

On the other hand, if you are new to AWS / cloud computing or want to get a refresher on the AWS services overview, it’s crucial that you go through each lecture in this video course. Some of the concepts that we have discussed in these overview sections actually do appear in the actual exams so it may be worthwhile to still go through these, with or without an extensive background in AWS.

Thanks and happy learning!