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Guided Lab: Protecting Data on Amazon S3 Against Accidental Delete and Overwrite Using S3 Versioning


Accidental deletions in Amazon S3 can happen more easily than you might think. A misplaced click, an erroneous script, or a misunderstanding in a team can lead to the loss of critical data. This reality underscores the importance of having protective measures in place.

S3 Versioning is a feature in Amazon S3 that keeps track of all versions of an object. It’s like having a history of every change made to each file in your S3 bucket. Whenever you update or delete a file, S3 Versioning retains the old version, allowing you to access and restore it if needed. This is particularly useful for data recovery and backup, as it guards against accidental deletions and overwrites.

This lab will guide you through the steps to effectively implement these safeguards, providing a safety net for your data in AWS.


To guarantee a successful completion of this lab, you must possess prior experience creating Amazon S3 buckets and have a solid understanding of their core components. If you believe that your knowledge in this regard is lacking, we strongly advise you to consider taking the following to acquire the required proficiency:

  • Creating an Amazon S3 bucket


In this lab, you will:

  • Learn how to enable S3 Versioning to prevent overwriting of objects
  • Learn how to restore previous versions