FAQ – Final Test

The practice tests in the Final Test simulates the actual exam. Each set contains the actual number of questions and has the same time limit as the real exam, and randomly pulls questions from the entire question bank.

If you are unsure about a particular question, you can always skip or mark for review then go back to it before submitting the test. To mark a question for review later on, simply click the Review Question button. Once you click this, a yellow dot will be placed on the question number to indicate that you have marked it for review:

Note: The yellow dot is automatically replaced with a green dot once you answer the question. If you want to mark any answered question for review, simply click the “Review question” button once again and the green dot will be replaced with a yellow dot.

Since the Final Test is your last gauge of exam readiness, we have removed the ability to pause the quiz to be able to really simulate the actual test where even short breaks are not allowed.

At the end of the exam, click Quiz Summary. It will display the question number with corresponding dot colors: green = answered, yellow = marked for review, and no color = skipped/unanswered. Click the question number to go back to items you have skipped or marked for review.

Click Finish Quiz once you are ready to submit. Your score will be displayed along with a breakdown of how you performed per category/domain. Below the results section, you’ll see all the questions with corresponding detailed explanations, diagrams, reference links and AWS cheat sheets.

Note: You can also opt to view only the questions that you answered either correctly or incorrectly by clicking the View All Questions dropdown.

At any point within the test, you can also jump straight to the answer key with explanations by clicking Quiz Summary then Finish Quiz.

Final Note:

Your course progress and all previous attempts can be viewed by going back to the course page:

Click the Statistics button to view your detailed results.

What you’ll see when you click Statistics:

Feel free to post on the Forums section if you have any questions or issues.