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  • Exam Question Code Incorrect

  • Caleb Whitaker

    June 1, 2024 at 5:14 am

    This Exam Question:

    A developer must set up a caching layer in front of the tutorialsdojo database. The developer should come up with a function that ensures cached data is always up-to-date. Stale records in the cache must be automatically deleted as well to prevent the build-up of extra data.

    Which pseudocode best represents this caching strategy?

    Has a Correct Answer with incorrect pseudocode.
    The line in question is:

    tutorialsdojo.query("UPDATE Customers SET value = %s WHERE id = %s", item_id, item_value)

    This says: “UPDATE Customers SET value = itemId WHERE id = itemValue”
    The question has little to do with this particular line but I nonetheless thought it was wrong because of this piece.

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