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  • Question 6 May Have Wrong Answer

  • GGL

    January 22, 2021 at 3:24 am

    This question may have wrong answer:


    A multinational insurance firm is running its web application on its corporate data center. They hired you to set up a disaster recovery infrastructure in AWS to ensure business continuity in the event of server failures in their on-premises network. You have to run a minimal version of your environment by configuring and running the most critical core elements of your system only in another AWS region. When the time comes for recovery, you should be able to rapidly provision a full-scale production environment around the critical core.

    Which is the MOST cost-effective disaster recovery option that provides a recovery time of less than an hour for the application?

    (view) 1 0 1 00:02:40

    Backup & Restore

    Pilot Light

    Warm Standby


    The answer according to TD is “Pilot Light” I disagree with this because in: Pilot light (RPO in minutes, RTO in hours): Replicate your data from one region to another and provision a copy of your core workload infrastructure. Resources required to support data replication and backup such as databases and object storage are always on. Other elements such as application servers are loaded with application code and configurations, but are switched off and are only used during testing or when Disaster Recovery failover is invoked as stated in https://docs.aws.amazon.com/wellarchitected/latest/reliability-pillar/plan-for-disaster-recovery-dr.html.

    If the question says recovery point objective, then it will be correct. But this is recovery time you are asking, not the time within the data recovered. You need to rephrase this question if you want Pilot Light to be the correct answer.

  • GGL

    January 22, 2021 at 3:26 am

    Te correct answer is “Warm Standby” as: Warm standby (RPO in seconds, RTO in minutes): Maintain a scaled-down but fully functional version of your workload always running in the DR Region. Business-critical systems are fully duplicated and are always on, but with a scaled down fleet. When the time comes for recovery, the system is scaled up quickly to handle the production load. The more scaled-up the Warm Standby is, the lower RTO and control plane reliance will be. When scaled up to full scale this is known as a Hot Standby. As desbribed in https://docs.aws.amazon.com/wellarchitected/latest/reliability-pillar/plan-for-disaster-recovery-dr.html

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