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  • Review set 2 – Question 4 / 7 Incorrect and conflicting answers

  • Marcel Tavares

    July 4, 2024 at 7:24 pm

    in “Review Mode Set 2” we have or questions with conflicting or wrong answers.

    See, question number 4:

    Based on that, SCP is not the correct answer because “are not necessarily needed for logging in on this scenario”.

    Off course is not, the same answer says that you need “configure AWS IAM to use AWS directory.

    Just by that, I´m not sure about if it is correct, but it goes on:

    Question 7 on the same test:

    Note that I answered the “wronngly” because of the last question, but look that NOW THE CORRECT ANSWER IS THE SAME WRONG ANSWER OF QUESTION 4!

    And I going nuts?

    Edit: for some reason, I´m unable to upload the screenshoot of the questions, but you can check on that.

  • Nikee-TutorialsDojo

    July 5, 2024 at 8:43 am

    Hello Marcel,

    Thank you for posting. We appreciate your attention to detail and would like to clarify the rationale behind the correct answers.

    Regarding Option 3:

    Service Control Policies (SCPs) are indeed crucial for managing permissions across AWS accounts within an organization. However, SCPs do not facilitate user authentication or simplify the login process via an existing directory service. While SCPs can control what users can and cannot do in member accounts, they are not involved in the authentication process itself.

    Regarding Option 5:

    AWS IAM Identity Center (AWS Single Sign-On) is specifically designed to provide single sign-on access across AWS accounts and integrate with existing directory services using the Active Directory Connector. This directly addresses the requirement of utilizing the company’s directory service for user authentication, making it the correct choice for this scenario.

    With regards to question 7, can you please send us the question so we can further check it?

    We apologize for any confusion caused and are committed to ensuring the accuracy and clarity of our practice exam questions. If there are any further inconsistencies or if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We value your input and strive to improve our content continuously.

    Thank you again for your feedback and for helping us enhance the quality of our practice exams.


    Nikee @ Tutorials Dojo

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