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Home Forums General Discussions Portal Issues and Improvements In the report, Question report is displayed, not corresponding to the questions Reply To: In the report, Question report is displayed, not corresponding to the questions

  • rob-clemens

    August 6, 2020 at 6:56 pm

    I agree with Joseph. I would like to see the actual question number displayed with the statistics. The way I study is to take the Review Exams and mark for review any question that I’m not 100% confident about. That way, I know I will need to go back later and study that material more (even if I get the correct answer, I know that I need to study that subject further). When I click Quiz Summary, it shows me a list of any questions flagged for review. But once I click Finish Quiz, that information is lost. Even if I jot down the question numbers (e.g., 7, 15, 24, 30), there is nothing on the Statistics report for that quiz which shows me the original question number when the quiz was taken. It shows a relative number for each category (cost, performance, resiliance, security) but not the absolute question number (1-30). So ideally, I would like the Statistics Report to show whether the question was flagged for review, and/or the absolute question number when the test was taken.

    This is not a major complaint or deal breaker. I believe you have done a great job with the UI and content. I’m sure that these tests will prepare me for the exam. I’m just asking for one or two more fields on the Statistics Report for those of us who study like I do… an initial review to gauge our readiness, and then a deep-dive into areas that need further work.

    I also like the idea that someone else had about a Coffee Break mode where the simulator generates maybe 5 random questions. As you know, there are many times during the day where we may find ourselves with just a few minutes to spare: Waiting for a program to build, waiting for class to start, waiting for a train to arrive, etc. Having a short simulation mode would be great for these times; when you don’t have the time to do a timed test or 30-question review. You would not even have to save the results or statistics for this Coffee Break mode, IMO. It’s just a way to efficiently use your spare time to stay sharp.

    Thanks again for your products. Keep up the great work.