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  • Tutorials-Dojo

    March 19, 2020 at 12:56 am

    As requested, I have done an initial checking on your account and it seems that the issue you reported isn’t there at all. In your “My Courses” page, the progress of your course is clearly shown.

    Moreover, you can easily navigate to courses right on your My Dashboard page. This is the very first page that you will see when you logged in to the Tutorials Dojo portal. It seems like you weren’t able to check this out since the top section contains your ranking, achievement, and points information.

    To avoid this issue, I have re-arranged the My Dashboard page to show the course progress section first for now. I also want to know other people’s views about this change, so I might modify this user Dashboard again as necessary.

    It seems that you got confused about how the system tracks the progress of the course. Take note that the practice test will be automatically tagged as completed only if you reached a passing score. Based on your record, you only reached a score of 52.31% in the Timed-Mode of your AWS Solutions Architect Associate course — which is not a passing mark.

    The reason why we don’t automatically tag your progress for each test as “complete” is that, we want to ensure that you have passed all of the practice tests first before you take your actual AWS exam. Just imagine if people will see in their dashboard that the course is 100% complete. This will give them a false-positive that they are already ready to take the official AWS exam. That will be dangerous and more confusing don’t you think?

    Nonetheless, I acknowledge that we have to further improve our portal in order to serve you better. I think we can implement an Auto-Complete feature instead of having a “Mark as Complete” button that you have to manually click. Rest assured that we will continually work and fix any issues on the site.

    I actually started a forum thread last week asking our subscribers on how we can further improve our portal. It shows that we are quite open to feedback and we don’t cover up issues simply because we are still in Beta mode, just as you have alluded to:

    Got any ideas on how improve the Tutorials Dojo portal?

    Once again, if you are not happy with our product, feel free to proceed with the refund. Our apologies if we weren’t able to provide a great platform to help you review for the AWS exam that best suits your preference.

    Let us know if you need assistance for the refund process. Alternatively, just follow the FAQ page for instructions.