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Home Forums General Discussions Portal Issues and Improvements Got any ideas on how improve the Tutorials Dojo portal? Reply To: Got any ideas on how improve the Tutorials Dojo portal?

  • Tutorials-Dojo

    April 18, 2020 at 9:26 pm

    Hello rcabrera,

    Thanks for posting here. To answer your clarifications:

    Why does the Review mode only extracts 30 questions from the 65 question set? (I assume Review Set 1 is associated with Timed Set 1, and so).

    – Yes, Timed Mode Set 1 questions are the same as Review Mode Set 1 questions, just presented differently. In Review Mode, you can view the answers and detailed explanations as you go through each question. Initially, the Review Mode also contains the equivalent number of question in Timed Mode i.e. 65 questions for Associate exams, however, this has caused user fatigue as not everyone can sit through an entire 65-set test where the explanations are presented to you as you navigate through each question. It simply was’t ideal so we trimmed it to load fewer questions. Every time you load a set in Review Mode, it will randomly generate 30 questions from the set, which is good enough for one sitting.

    I’d like a way to do this: A question shown to me, the opportunity for me to answer it, and then the correct answer and explanation would appear. That would boost my learning experience a lot. Does Review mode do that? Why only 30 questions, though?

    – The answer to this question is explained above.

    Right now, what I’m doing is finishing the Timed mode, and then I have to read again all the questions to pick the context for the answers/explanations… it’s very time consuming.

    – This is exactly the pain that we hear from our Udemy students since only a Timed Mode is available in the Udemy platform. This is why we have created the Tutorials Dojo portal which contains 3 additional training modes (Review Mode, Section-Based Mode, Final Test) to provide you with a much better learning experience.

    Hope this helps and do check out the FAQ page for a better understanding of the training modes in the Tutorials Dojo portal – https://portal.tutorialsdojo.com/faqs/


    Stace @ Tutorials Dojo

    Tutorials Dojo Portal FAQs