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  • MeSeeks

    November 29, 2023 at 2:13 am

    Thank you for the response JR – you are completely right regarding the use of roles. My mind fixated on the “root user” aspect and clouded my judgement to where I only focused on removing the root users access keys from the equation. Overthinking and fixation are problem points for me.

    While I do have a topic already up, perhaps you can help explain this question as well?

    A photo-sharing company is hosting an application on an EC2 instance that allows users to upload images. The application saves the images on an Amazon S3 bucket in us-east-2. Recently, users are experiencing load time issues when they upload images into the application. The website is popular in countries away from us-east-2.

    Which of the following should the SysOps administrator do to address the issue?

    The correct answer states to use S3 Transfer Accelerator rather than Global Accelerator, reasoning that Global Accel is for use with endpoints. But the question states that the load time issues are with uploading the images to the application.

    Am I wrong in concluding that the latency could be caused by either users connecting to the application (hosted on EC2s) or with transferring from the instance’s to the S3 bucket?

    How are we supposed to pinpoint that transfer to S3 is the problem area and not with connecting to the application instances?

    Thank you