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Home Forums General Discussions Portal Issues and Improvements Got any ideas on how improve the Tutorials Dojo portal? Reply To: Got any ideas on how improve the Tutorials Dojo portal?

  • kung

    April 24, 2020 at 5:17 pm

    And another one asking for the Pause button in the timed test!
    Yes, I read your reply that the Save&Next button acts like a Pause, but the time keeps running or? In other words I don’t understand (despite the clarifications in this thread and the instructions page before the test) how the Save&Next button can act like a Pause, as I also didn’t see an Exit button. This area does need some simplification I think!

    – upon a multi-option answer required (e.g. choose 3), either give a clear warning that not 3 options were selected AND/OR do not proceed when someone clicks the Save&Next button and not the required amount of options was selected (this happened to me several times with Udemy, contrary to Whizlabs which gives a warning and doesn’t let you proceed, which is better I feel)

    – the JSON in the security speciality sampler timed test was not indented, which makes it a pain in the <censored> to read!

    – a feedback button per question (at least in review mode of after a timed test is finished and you review the result) would be beneficial I think

    – consider to move the test progress and time from the top of the page to the (left)side, so that you always have this in view (similar to Whizlabs), reduces scrolling

    – option to reduce the font size, so that more of the question and answers fits on the screen? (less scrolling)