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  • fancypants

    December 27, 2023 at 2:31 am

    Also, there’s no way to “Create a new Global Accelerator endpoint for the us-east-1 bucket”, you need to create a Multi-Region Access Point for the bucket and use that. As per the GA FAQ:

    Q: Can I use AWS Global Accelerator for object storage with Amazon S3?

    A: You can use Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points to get the benefits of Global Accelerator for object storage. S3 Multi-Region Access Points use Global Accelerator transparently to provide a single global endpoint to access a data set that spans multiple S3 buckets in different AWS Regions. This allows you to build multi-region applications with the same simple architecture used in a single region, and then to run those applications anywhere in the world. Application requests made to an S3 Multi-Region Access Point’s global endpoint automatically route over the AWS global network to the S3 bucket with the lowest network latency. This allows applications to automatically avoid congested network segments on the public internet, improving application performance and reliability.

    So, clearly this question is wrong.