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  • Nikee-TutorialsDojo

    March 25, 2024 at 1:46 pm

    Hello Denzil,

    Thank you for posting, and I’m glad to hear that the explanation on AWS Snowball Edge was helpful to you.

    AWS Snowball Edge devices facilitate data transfer and extend AWS’s computing capabilities to edge environments. These devices can be used along with various AWS services to enhance data transfer and processing tasks.

    First, AWS Snowball Edge seamlessly integrates with Amazon S3, allowing you to efficiently transfer data to and from S3 buckets. This is particularly useful for your case of transferring 60TB to AWS, as data can be directly moved to S3. Second, Snowball Edge supports AWS Lambda. It enables you to run Lambda functions to process or transform data as it’s being transferred, which is beneficial if you must preprocess data before storing it in AWS. For more information, you can read here.

    Given your timeframe and the volume of data, using one or more AWS Snowball Edge devices is the best option. Snowball Edge can handle petabytes of data, so 60TB is well within its capabilities. Transferring data directly via these devices is much faster than over the internet, especially if bandwidth is limited. If you’re pressed for time, please note that you can request multiple Snowball Edge devices to be delivered simultaneously. This way, you can parallelize the data loading process, significantly reducing the time required for data transfer.

    For your question about VPC and Networking, can you please send a snippet of the question? Thank you.

    If you have any specific question or need further details on using AWS Snowball Edge, please feel free to ask.


    Nikee @ Tutorials Dojo