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  • Neil-TutorialsDojo

    June 25, 2024 at 10:31 am

    Hi SalientListener,

    Good day! Thank you for your feedback.

    For your first question, I think there is a misunderstanding about the explanation of option B you mentioned. Upon checking, there is no mentioned “100GBps” in the explanation why option B (“The file interface of the Snowball Edge has reached its throughput limit. Change the interface to an S3 Adapter instead for a significantly faster transfer speed”) is incorrect. Kindly see the image attached.

    To clarify why this option is incorrect, as mentioned int the explanation, the file interface of the Snowball Edge device is not the limiting factor in the scenario. Instead, the issue is the encryption overhead when copying files to the device. To improve the overall copying throughput, you should open multiple sessions and initiate parallel copy jobs. This approach will maximize the network capabilities of the Snowball Edge device. Therefore, the best option here is Option A (This is due to encryption overhead when copying files to the Snowball Edge device. Open multiple sessions to the Snowball Edge device and initiate parallel copy jobs to improve the overall copying throughput).

    As for your second question, the S3 Adapter is best used when transferring large amounts of small files efficiently. It maximizes throughput, typically achieving speeds between 250-400 MB/s, making it ideal for applications requiring faster speeds than the file interface’s typical performance. Additionally, the S3 Adapter simplifies data management by enabling direct uploads to an S3 bucket, reducing the complexity of handling numerous small files. Hence, it is also well-suited for scenarios where minimizing operational overhead is a priority.

    I do understand that the scenario and question, wasn’t able to clearly mention the requirements. And with that said, I apologize for any confusion this may have cause. Rest assured that we will do the necessary update as soon as we can.

    If you have further clarifications, pls let us know.

    Neil @ Tutorials Dojo