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Home Forums General Discussions Portal Issues and Improvements Got any ideas on how improve the Tutorials Dojo portal? Reply To: Got any ideas on how improve the Tutorials Dojo portal?

  • jafa

    May 1, 2020 at 2:42 am

    Hi I would like to 2nd or 3rd Susanta’s orignal point about the need to be able to pause / save when even the doing a 30 question review mode test, like what can be done in other tests . I value that this mode lets you review your great explanations after each and every question!. But that means we can often spend 10 mins per question. I also want the system to record my score at the end of the random 30 so I can track my progress to see over time if I am improving and where my weak areas are. Unless I complete the full 30 questions in one session I don’t get this informaton saved. Having a way to save or pause during these tests would be of great benefit. Consider 30 x 10 mins = 5hrs .. thats a long time. Even 30 x 5mins is 2.5 hrs.

    Apart from that i think the content you have put together is awesome and this is better than Udemys engine by far.