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Home Forums General Discussions Way to stop the questions being randomly sorted Reply To: Way to stop the questions being randomly sorted

  • IanB

    May 18, 2020 at 10:48 pm

    Thanks for replying Jon-Bonso, I appreciate it.

    I eventually figured out how to see the stats page (there is a small icon to click, not very intuitive) but this has a few flaws:

    – the screen pops up as not the whole screen

    – you have to click ‘view’ on every question to see the Q&A

    – after you click ‘view’ the page does not wrap at the browser width, instead I have to scroll right and left to read the question (in Firefox) to see the explanation

    – in short this view is surplus to requirements, please just give a way to reopen the test in the exact same way that is appears when you just finished the test and click ‘review’ i.e. with the order the same as when you took it, with the answers you gave, and the explanations. And make it easy to find this. Perhaps when you click on ‘timed mode set 4’ then you get two buttons: ‘Start Quiz’ for those who want to try again (as now) and ‘Review last attempt at this quiz’ which takes you to the ‘review after test’ view.

    I hear what you say about the benefit of being random, however consider this: for a first time run through of each test the questions have never been seen before so therefore they are effectively random. Many (most?) people will never do the timed tests multiple times, if so just give them a ‘randomise order’ button.

    I appreciate the site is under development, hence why I mention this so that it can be improved. Currently it is very frustrating and would prevent me from recommending it to other people at the moment.