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Home Forums General Discussions Portal Issues and Improvements Bug. Timed mode loses many answered questions on resume Reply To: Bug. Timed mode loses many answered questions on resume

  • rodrigo-2

    May 20, 2020 at 8:03 pm

    Hi Jon.
    Well, I dont think is the case. The answers are saved now, because I did the exam again and again, until it persisted everything.
    It is also not also because of ramdomized order of questions. Yesterday it happened multiple times.
    Lets say I had answered up until question 17, then, after saving and leaving the page, once I resumed, there were only 10 answers recorded, anywhere in the exam. I had to answer again the same questions. And I know it were the same questions, I still remembered then.
    The weird thing is that the time was correctly persisted, just not the answers.
    Maybe you could look at the logs to see if it were some errors to persist the answers to the questions?
    If I have the time, I can try again today and I will make a video with the errors.
    I am not here just to complain, I know bugs in systems happens, it is ok, but it is also a little frustrating for us users.
    Anyway, the questions in the exams are great. The explanations too. It is by far the best exam around, it is just seems that there are still some bugs in the portal that could have some improvement.