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Home Forums AWS AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Complexity/challenge level of SA pro quiz questions? Reply To: Complexity/challenge level of SA pro quiz questions?

  • Jon-Bonso

    May 28, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Hi Robert,

    Take note that it is clearly indicated that we have 300 unique AWS Solutions Architect Professional practice test questions, not 375 like what you mentioned here. It is not 5 * 75, since we only have 4 sets here with one introductory article for each section. Our 300-SA Pro Question Bank is where the Review-mode, Timed-mode, and Final-mode tests pull their questions.

    I respect your opinion if you think that our practice tests are “mostly not challenging” and “not very elaborately worded”. But I respectfully disagree. In my opinion, we have covered most of the relevant topics for the SA Pro exam and our questions are not too far off to the topics you’ll experience in the real exam. If you find our content easy, then that’s a good sign that you are now ready for the SA Pro exam. But it doesn’t mean that the quality is sub-par. Everyone is different as other people still find our content difficult to pass.

    I took the exam myself and I encountered the new topics and implemented them here on our practice tests. I took the previous SA Pro version (SAP-C00) in 2018 as well as the new one (SAP-C01) last year so I know the difference between these two versions.

    By any chance, did you also took the SAP-C00 exam too (prior to Feb 2019 when SAP-C01 was released)? Since I took that exam too, I reckon I can shed some light on your issue. I still remember getting these old concepts from the old SAP-C00 exam:

    – Using promiscuous mode to receive or “sniff” traffic

    – Custom WAF Sandwich (the time when the new and scalable AWS WAF is not yet released)

    – EC2-Classic / EC2-VPC

    These are the old terminologies that you won’t see in our current SA Pro exam practice tests. Research online or ask a friend who also took the SAP-C00 exam and most likely, the 3 items I shared above would certainly ring a bell. You shared a single review from one person. It would be great if you look further around and read more reviews from other people who took the SA Pro exam. I’m constantly receiving exam feedback from my students (via Linkedin, Facebook, and Udemy QA board) so I am not oblivious on the SA Pro exam changes.

    So to address your concern, our practice test is definitely NOT a “previous pattern”. That’s simply not true and just a mere assumption from an ill-informed person who hasn’t taken either the SAP-C00 or the latest SAP-C01 exam. And that’s a fact that I can prove.

    Regarding the questions that are “not very elaborately worded”, there are in fact short questions in the actual SA Pro exam and not just long-winded questions/options. What I noticed is that, in the DevOps Pro exam, there are almost no short questions at all, unlike with SA Pro exam.

    In all 3 Associate-level exams, SysOps is the most difficult one and it contains a lot of overlapped topics to DevOps and SA Pro exams. The key difference of the SysOps and SA Pro exam is the question format. The former requires a single service to solve a certain problem while the latter requires a combination of two or more services. This key difference is quite apparent in our practice questions. The answers to the majority of our SA Pro questions require two or more services. Take note that there would also be short questions in the SA Pro that only involves a single AWS service, contrary to what you expect.

    A piece of advice, include the official AWS Exam Guide to your list of trusted exam materials. This will tell you the specific topics that you should prepare for:


    The more exam materials you use, the better. Most IT Professionals use two or three reviewers from multiple AWS Training providers to prepare for their exams. If you prefer the other training provider over our content then that’s definitely okay. It boils down to your preference and in addition, we are not saying that our content is all you need to pass the exam.

    Regarding the posting of the links, you have to comply to our Forum rules. Just a reminder that the primary purpose of this discussion board is to provide technical support to our customers who bought our premium courses, and not comparing the content of other external providers:


    Since you just shared a review you saw online, let me share some exam feedback about the SA Pro from external sources, so you can add it to your list of exam prep materials. Compare the content of the topics mentioned on these user reviews to our practice tests so you can have the right idea about the actual AWS exam:




    I hope this clarifies.


    Jon Bonso