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Home Forums AWS AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Complexity/challenge level of SA pro quiz questions? Reply To: Complexity/challenge level of SA pro quiz questions?

  • kung

    May 28, 2020 at 9:17 pm

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your elaborate answer.

    Maybe I should have given a bit more background.

    I have read the SA pro exam ‘is the most difficult AWS exam’/’really need to prepare’/blablabla, and now I’m doing your tests -which for the associate exams I did recently were indeed a very good preparation/reflection of the real exam-, but now find the SA pro questions relatively ‘easy’ (that’s what I mean with ‘not challenging’ (to me), nothing negative about your tests, don’t get me wrong please).

    So I’m a bit surprised, but at the same time also (a lot) relieved!

    Good to hear you feel that your tests are not too far off to the topics on the real exam, and that there will also be short worded questions; I was also very worried about the time management…a long question easily takes you 4 minutes if you read everything fully, but if you just scan it, you might miss important details….

    Nevertheless, other preparation tests I have taken/are taking, I feel are more of a challenge to me. Partly this has maybe to do with the (lack of proper) wording, so that in the end it’s not clear which (often of 2 left options) is the right/best choice. I will continue with these tests also, as it also fun and you always learn something new; it just takes more time.

    I didn’t do SAP-C00.
    300 unique questions, no problem (I thought 4 tests + final test each @75 questions, so in total 375 questions, but not all unique then)

    Best regards,