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  • TutorialsDojo-Support

    May 31, 2020 at 11:21 am

    Hi kung,

    Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the confusion on the explanation part of this question. I hope we can clarify it here.

    The steps mentioned on the correct answer are taken from AWS documentation for “exporting data” from RDS to an on-premises database.


    1. Prepare an instance of MySQL running external to Amazon RDS.

    2. Configure the MySQL DB instance to be the replication source. (Configure MySQL RDS instance in AWS as the master database)

    3. Use mysqldump to transfer the database from the Amazon RDS instance to the instance external to Amazon RDS.

    4. Start replication to the instance running external to Amazon RDS. (Replication from MySQL RDS to on-premises MySQL instance)

    You can stop here, as we have achieved the requirement of AWS MySQL RDS to have a read-replica on on-premises MySQL server securely via the IPSec VPN connection.

    The additional confusion came from our explanation – “The replication should be terminated when the data has been exported and applications can start accessing the external instance.”

    This pertains to Step 5 on the documentation wherein you’ll stop the replication from the RDS MySQL Instance.

    5. After the export completes, stop replication.

    Since the documentation was taken from “exporting” data from RDS, not replication, the explanation added unnecessary confusion that you should stop the replication.

    If you want a read-replica of RDS to your on-premises network, you can configure master-slave replication from RDS (master) to on-premises MySQL instance (slave).

    If you want to export a copy of your RDS to an on-premises network, then after the complete export, replication can be stopped.

    I understand there is a confusion on the explanation part. We will update it to further clarify this.


    Kenneth Samonte @ Tutorials Dojo