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Home Forums AWS AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Complexity/challenge level of SA pro quiz questions? Reply To: Complexity/challenge level of SA pro quiz questions?

  • kung

    May 31, 2020 at 4:36 pm

    Hi Farris-Kerai,

    Yes I used ACG also. The study material is OK and reasonably up-to-date (contrary to some of their associate level course material), but high-level only, quizzes are OK, the exam I tried yesterday was very very though…I only scored 56%…
    Partly there were some subjects I didn’t know about, so that was fine, partly due to time pressure I made some stupid mistakes (ouch), but also some of the questions seem rather not-up-to-date, so the as correct marked answer was a bit doubtful. Also with some of the (very brief) explanations I didn’t agree, plus there were quite a few (way too) long worded questions, which are very hard to answer correctly anyway in a few minutes in an exam setting.