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  • TutorialsDojo-Support

    June 9, 2020 at 8:08 am

    Hello mate,

    Thanks for your inquiry. As per our policy, all Udemy users are entitled to a free 3-month access to our Exam Simulators, which contain a few additional training modes that are lacking on Udemy. These training modes are: (1) Timed Mode, (2) Review Mode, and (3) Bonus Flashcards. To request for access to the exam simulator, you just need to send us a private message on Udemy. Kindly check the section that says, “I have bought your course on Udemy. Can I access the content through your portal?” in our FAQ page ( for detailed instructions on how to request for access.

    However, do note that these Exam Simulators are different from the full, Premium courses which contain all of the training modes that are available in the Tutorials Dojo portal i.e. (1) Timed Mode, (2) Review Mode, and (3) Section/Topic-Based Tests, (4) Final Test, and (5) Bonus Flashcards.

    You can refer to this table of comparison to learn more about the differences between our course on Udemy, the free Exam Simulator in the Tutorials Dojo portal which are meant for Udemy users, and the full, premium courses:

    In summary, the Udemy course only has a Timed exam mode while the courses on the Tutorials Dojo portal have more training modes.

    For the Udemy course, each set has 65-75 questions depending on whether it’s an Associate or Professional level practice test course, and when you retake it, it’s still going to be the same set of questions where the order is just randomized. As for the Exam Simulator, it randomly generates questions from a partial question bank. For the Review Mode, it randomly generates 30 questions at a given time from a pool of 100-120 questions. For the Timed Mode, it generates a full test (65 questions for Cloud Practitioner, Associate, and Specialty practice tests and 75 questions for Professional questions) from a different pool of 100-120 questions.

    A detailed instruction page is also available at the start of each “lesson” in the Exam Simulator which contains information about the questions contained in the Timed and Review Mode. Roughly about 80% of the entire question bank on Udemy can be found in the Exam Simulator, the main purpose of which is to come up with a different training mode (Review Mode) where you can view the answers to each question straight away.

    On a side note, the Exam Simulators are also meant for you to see what the Tutorials Dojo portal has to offer, and to also encourage you to get the full, premium courses for your future certification exam training needs.

    You may also refer to our FAQ page for more information on the features available on the Tutorials Dojo portal and to help you navigate through the site:

    Tutorials Dojo Portal FAQs

    I hope this helps and let us know if you have any other clarifications. 🙂


    Joy – Customer Support @ Tutorials Dojo