Best exam prep material

I got my certification today 12/01/2022.
Best Questions for AWS Certified Associate Exam and the most up to date with all new AWS technology.
I used skill cert pro exams and Dojo Tutorials Exam for 20 exams at all. Clearly, Dojo Tutorials were more up to date but skill cert pro was more in number (13 exams) and also good for general understanding.
You can pass only with Dojo Tutorials exams but to increase your chances use Skill cert pro too.
A couple ( around 4 questions) of questions in my exam were similar to ones from Dojo tutorials, others have the same way of asking questions like both Dojo and Skill cert pro.
I have seen questions about:
The use of Guard-duty vs AWS inspector.
Price class edge locations in Cloudfront.
Lambda@edge to send users data according to their hostname.


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