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Everyone wants to go to heaven but no body wants to die.

I used to be frustrated about the time it takes to go through the entire practice test & getting logged out only to have to start over again. I have learned that On the contrary the reason Tutorial DOJO is so successful at making you and me pass these exams, is that very same thing that we hate about it. You’ll need to finish the test in a certain amount of time SUCCESSFULLY, so that you can build up to the real test conditions which force you to work smarter & faster in order to have instinctual abilities when it comes to taking the real test. You not only have to learn the material but you need to know quickly how to answer the questions quickly for the sake of time. This is the genius behind these practice test models. the questions are not verbatim but when taking the you know the ans


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  1. Congratulations @Mikeydon! You just made our day with your excellent review of our course! Glad to know that our content has been a tremendous help for you to pass the exam successfully. We hope that you’ll be back for more of our practice test courses! 🙂