Good – but all tests are based on just two sets of questions.

Once I had gone through the two sets of questions (in review mode), it became pointless to even try the timed mode, sections-based tests or even the final exam because I had seen all questions.
The questions are good and I learned from them. But it was a waste of time to do the other tests once I had seen all 150 questions.


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  1. Hi, Rob. Thanks for the review. We’re glad that you learned valuable information from the practice tests and explanations. Unfortunately, professional-level questions and explanations are really hard to do and it takes our team around 3-4 hours just to curate a scenario, come up with logical options, and compose very detailed explanations with visual aid per question, thus the reason for having only 150 questions for this course. Adding more would force us to significantly increase our prices which will make the course out-of-reach for our other big markets like India, Brazil, Turkey, etc. Nevertheless, I wish this helps you achieve your career goals.