Helpful, but not gospel

This is a helpful resource, but I encounter multiple questions on each of the practice exams in which I either actively disagree with the author’s chosen architecture for the solution, or in which I don’t think the questions really give enough context to arrive at the chosen answer.

For example, in one question, the author specifies using CloudFront as an “FTP website”. In another, an answer is chose purely based on cost optimization, when cost optimization is not mentioned once while framing the question. In one instance, he mentions a feature of the CDK utilizing “manifests” for application feature flags.

I also find the response times to be too slow in the forums when I’ve had an issue with a question.


  1. Hi Justin,
    Thanks for the review. We do provide ample context in every scenario in our practice exam sets. Regarding the example you cited about using CloudFront as an “FTP website”, it seems that you have misread the provided option, as we never specified anything like that. The option explicitly mentioned using Amazon CloudFront distribution with the S3 bucket as the origin and NOT just CloudFront. The S3 bucket contains the game package, and CloudFront is used to distribute the content faster, in accordance with what was required in the scenario.

    Second, AWS CDK does have manifests (aws_cdk.cloud_assembly_schema.Manifest) that can control Feature Flags, just as mentioned in the scenario. Lastly, cost-efficiency should be automatically considered when picking the right answer. In one of your questions, you insisted that the instance type of the RDS MySQL database instance should be upgraded to a larger type. The one you proposed is not a suitable solution, albeit possible, considering the fact that the scenario explicitly mentioned that “…the root cause is due to slow read processing”. Using Read Replicas must be used in that scenario. Moving forward, you can post clarifications on our content in the TD Portal forums.

    Thank you for sharing your feedback.