Need updates

I have used Dojo for a while to prepare for AWSAzureGCP tests. I’m not looking for “braindumps” but what I always liked is that you guys gave scenarios that might come up on the test.The advanced test’s q’s are long and each one has a different environment described. Somewhere in the middle of the test the brain stops absorbing information described in the question.As you read a question you start to realize that I have seen this before. Your test only described 1-2 scenarios that were covered on the test.Test has 75% of questions that involved TGW in one way or another. Lots of questions on TGW route tables, plus GWLB. Now having said that I did pass the test and I did find information covered in your questions and explanations valuable it does not cover complete breadth of the exam.


  1. Congratulations ! Thanks for the review. While we totally respect your opinion, we disagree with you when you say the questions are not up-to-date as we regularly update our course based on the feedback from our students who passed the exam. Also, our question bank mimics the actual exam. So If you have any more clarifications feel free to contact us on our Q&A Section.