Never be too complacent with just this exam material – Passed!

Took an exam today. waited 5 gruesome hours to know my score.
5 Stars for material and diagram to support the explanation. Snippets of per topic video course (ELB, Storage Gateway, RedShift, Aurora)
Before I took my exam, I made sure that I score 93%-96% score here on all timed, reviews, sections & topics. But to my surprise, the REAL EXAM is way HARDER!!! I mean wordings, topics, and scope (Amazon Polly, Textract, Apache Parque), and a lot more topics were covered that were not included here.
Exam covers HPC, Nat & Storage Gateway, Cloudfront, Permissions, API’s, Aurora, & AutoScaling that I remember.

Overall, TD gave me the boost to proceed with the exam, answered be back on LinkedIn quicker too. Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to another exam material to check out! Kudos TD Team!


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