Passed AWS Data Analytics Speciality exam….Highly Recommended!!!!

Happy to share that I have cleared AWS Data Analytics Speciality exam. It took me four months of prep in total and Tutorial Dojo’s practice tests really helped me with cracking the exam. Writing down my strategy in passing the exam which might help crack others.
1) AWS training portal has a 3.5 Hr course on introduction to data analytics
2) Acloudguru – gone through the complete training
3) Stepanie Maarek’s course in Udemy – gone through the complete training
4) Labs covered in both Acloudguru and Udemy to gain full understanding of services
5) FAQ’s thoroughly for major services
6) Exam Readiness on AWS – 3.5 Hr
7) Tutorial Dojo for practice tests – Went through each and every question and gone through explanation and went through each link from portal as well as AWS documentation.


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  1. Congratulations, @mvb! Thank you for sharing your detailed feedback. It’s nice to see that we prepared you well for the exam. Keep it going. We hope to see you in our other practice test courses! 🙂