Passed first time

I just passed the exam yesterday with a score of 804. It was almost 16 hours after the exam before I knew if I passed or not. During that time, I kept going back and forth between thinking I passed and thinking I didn’t. Like others have said, it is a very difficult exam, even if you know a lot of the material. I have been preparing for this exam off and on for a little less than a year. I took the ACG course and practice exam, and went through just parts of other courses, read a lot of documentation, did some labs, and read some blogs. I think it was actually Jayendra’s blog that pointed me here. Here, I purchase the practice exam package. What made me decide to do that was the Review Mode. All the other practice exams I took didn’t let me see if an answer was correct until after the exam


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  1. Congratulations ! We are very pleased to hear your positive review and that you are finding good value in our content. See you in our other practice test courses! 🙂