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Pretty good exam questions in line with SAA-C02 – topic sections are a waste of time

So the exam questions are really good – much better than Whizlabs these feel more in line with the new content
The topic based questions are very short either 8 or 4 questions per topic also some of the questions are very silly for example in the dynamo DB section it will ask what NoSQL database should be used….obviously DynamoDB as the whole section is dedicated to it – this is a common theme kinda takes the guess work out
Also these questions don’t save your previous performance so you cant track how you did before and compare


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  1. Hello there. Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad that you have found good value in our content. The topic-based tests are actually just a bonus material that is not present in any of our other practice test courses because (1) there’s a tendency for some of the questions to be a give-away as you have noted above and (2) the AWS exams are now gradually shifting to scenario questions where a combination of two or more services are used. They were added as a result of frequent requests from users and those who don’t find it useful or see them as redundant sets can opt to skip them altogether.

    As for the attempts not being saved, I think you were just unable to see it. All results and previous attempts are DEFINITELY saved and are recorded both in My Dashboard and in the course page itself. I do recommend going through our FAQ page before using our site to help you navigate through, and so that you can maximize the features that are available here. Thank you. 🙂