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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exams 2021

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Test Questions in TIMED mode, REVIEW mode, SECTION-BASED mode, and FINAL TEST with Complete Explanations, References, Plus BONUS Flashcards

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Course Description

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner ( CLF-C01 ) is one of the top-paying IT certifications and your gateway to learning Amazon Web Services and acquiring more AWS Certifications.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is intended for individuals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles addressed by other AWS certifications (for example, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, AWS Certified Developer Associate, or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate). It is recommended to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam first before getting any Associate level certification, especially for those who are new to the cloud. Take your career and salary to the next level with an AWS Cloud Practitioner certification!

This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam course is for anyone who is looking for a study material that provides the following:

    • TIMED MODE – mimics the actual AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam environment under time pressure
    • REVIEW MODE – where you can view the answer and explanations after every question
    • SECTION-BASED TESTS – where you can focus and answer questions on specific topics/domains only.
    • FINAL TEST – where we randomly generate 65 questions from our entire question bank to help you gauge your readiness for the actual exam
  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS, REFERENCE LINKS, AND CHEAT SHEETS – our answer keys at the end of each set have full and detailed explanations along with complete reference links so you can check and verify yourself that the answers are correct. Plus bonus cheat sheets to help you better understand the concepts.
  • NEW FEATURE! FLASHCARDS – unique visual tools found at the end of the course which will help reinforce the core concepts needed to pass the exam.
  • EXAM STUDY GUIDE – this is added as a reference in the explanations in the practice tests. They are based on our own exam experience and intense research on the most important topics and most helpful resources to help you pass the exam.
  • UPDATED REAL-TIME AS WE RECEIVE FEEDBACK – we have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.
  • ACTIVE Q&A DISCUSSION BOARD – with inputs from the instructors and exam feedback from our students, our Forums section gives you the opportunity to know which topics recently appeared on the exam and better understand the AWS services and concepts covered in the test.
  • VERY RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTORS – our friendly team of AWS experts is able to address all your issues and questions within 72 hours.
  • CONTAINS A TEST REPORT – to track your progress and show you which Knowledge Areas you need improvement.
  • MOBILE-COMPATIBLE – so you can conveniently review everywhere, anytime with your smartphone!
  • HAS BETTER VALUE THAN OFFICIAL AWS PRACTICE TEST – which is worth about $20 but only contains about 20 – 40 questions.
  • CLEAR AND ERROR-FREE QUESTIONS – Each item has a reference link that can validate the answer but you can also post in the Forums section so we can discuss any issues.
  • Prepared by AWS Certified Professionals who actually passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam! (Please see our LinkedIn profile to view our AWS Certificates)
  • 3-YEAR Access to the course – aligned with the usual recertification cycle.

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Posted 5 days ago
Excellent prep

Having worked in software development for over 15 years, most of it has been in the Microsoft stack and by extension Azure. This course and certification are great for just getting the foundations of AWS down. I felt well prepared and the exam questions were very much alike the practice questions offered in the course. I just purchased 2 more courses to help prepare for the developer associate and dev ops pro.

Posted 7 days ago
Awesome help into CCP-AWS

It's really helping to crack the CCP-AWS exam. It's helping to clear the basics using time base and section base exams. Thanks TD. Thank you! NITIN (SOFTQUBE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD)

Posted 3 weeks ago
Passed with 98.6%

If like me, you work through all the practice exams and study the cheat-sheets and answer links, you will pass no problem! The content accurately reflects the exam content and helps you to go in knowing you are well prepared.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Congratulations on passing the exam with flying colors, @brocklep! What an accomplishment! Pleased to hear that our course help you passed the exam. We hope to see you in our other practice test courses! 🙂

Posted 4 weeks ago
Passed Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner on my first attempt!

After getting serious with Tutorial Dojo, taking deep dives into places all the links and cheat sheets led me I am overjoyed to say that passed on my first try! In the course content my favorite features were the Review and Section Based practice exams which I haven't seen in similar sites. The exceptional detail in the explanations led to my success! I will be back soon to start working on Solutions Architect Associate!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Congratulations Corey-2 on passing the exam on the first attempt! Pleased to hear that you had a great experience with our course. All the best in your upcoming SAA prep! 🙂

Posted 1 month ago
971 score thanks to this!

Studied just a few hours thanks to the practice exams and was so close to perfect score!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Yay! What an almost perfect score! Congratulations @prince-2! Awesome job! Glad to know that our course helped you in acing the actual exam! We hope that you’ll be back for more of our courses! 🙂

Posted 1 month ago
Great help to pass the exam!

I passed the exam and I know it is thanks to the test Tutorials dojo has provided. I wouldn't give a 5 stars due to the UI that I thought a bit confusing when progressing along the tests, it marks a % of progress that doesn't match with the actual number of tests you have passed. Also it looks like we can't access the test results and correction afterwards, so we need to pass the test again to have access to the responses. Overall, great experience thanks to Tutorials Dojo! Very good content!

Posted 1 month ago

Congratulations @christelle-ngambula! Nice to hear that you had a great experience with our course. The previous results can be found on the course page itself that’s why we encourage everyone to read the FAQ page first (https://portal.tutorialsdojo.com/faqs/) to make sure users are able to fully maximize the features on the site. Do visit the Tutorials Dojo Portal again for your future exam certifications! 🙂

Posted 1 month ago
Everyone wants to go to heaven but no body wants to die.

I used to be frustrated about the time it takes to go through the entire practice test & getting logged out only to have to start over again. I have learned that On the contrary the reason Tutorial DOJO is so successful at making you and me pass these exams, is that very same thing that we hate about it. You'll need to finish the test in a certain amount of time SUCCESSFULLY, so that you can build up to the real test conditions which force you to work smarter & faster in order to have instinctual abilities when it comes to taking the real test. You not only have to learn the material but you need to know quickly how to answer the questions quickly for the sake of time. This is the genius behind these practice test models. the questions are not verbatim but when taking the you know the ans

Posted 1 month ago

Congratulations @Mikeydon! You just made our day with your excellent review of our course! Glad to know that our content has been a tremendous help for you to pass the exam successfully. We hope that you’ll be back for more of our practice test courses! 🙂

Posted 2 months ago
Really good practice tests and even better explanations

used these practice tests while studying for my CCP. The exams were harder than the real thing in my experience however that is a good thing in my opinion! also the level of depth they go into when explaining why each answer was more correct than a different one was a godsend! thanks!

Posted 1 month ago

Congratulations @christian-off! Pleased to know that our course prepared you well for the exam. Do check out our other courses for your future exam certifications! 🙂

Posted 2 months ago
Great explanations to questions and prepares one well for exam.

These tests will really prepare you well for the exam, I scored 929/1000.The test covers AWS CCP concepts quite well. The questions and their explanations will broaden your knowledge regarding AWS services and design principles, so, it is really important to go through them. Thank you TD team.

Posted 1 month ago

Yay! Congratulations @Samni on passing the exam with a high score! Glad to be a part of your learning journey. We hope that you’ll be back for more of our courses! 🙂

Posted 2 months ago
extra detail in these sets

I passed my exam today! not sure of the score yet it says it takes up to 5 days... but I did receive my digital certificate. It might just be my question set but about 70% of the questions related to these. Not word for word but puts you in the right mindset to pass the exam. Much of the information in these sets were not on my particular exam however I HIGHLY reccommend this course because its one thing to pass an exam, another to actually know how the services work. Anyone willing to go over ALL the sets here half a dozen times will have no problem passing the exam. Thanks so much! will be starting the solutions architct course next

Posted 1 month ago

Congratulations @mark-susak! Pleased to hear that our content has been a great help in you passing the exam! For your SAA exam, I recommend you read this study guide https://tutorialsdojo.com/aws-certified-solutions-architect-associate-saa-c02/. Good luck with your upcoming exam preparation. 🙂

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