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AWS Certified Developer Associate DVA-C02 Practice Exams 2024

AWS Certified Developer Associate Questions in TIMED mode, REVIEW mode, SECTION-BASED, and FINAL TEST mode with Explanations, Reference Links, Score Tracking, Plus BONUS Flashcards

**This reviewer has been fully updated to the new DVA-C02 exam version and our team will continually do further updates to make it on par with the actual AWS exam.

Course Description

The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam is specifically designed to validate the technical knowledge of those in a DevOps role who must demonstrate proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS. Take your career and salary to the next level with an AWS Developer Associate certification!

This AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam course is for anyone who is looking for a study material that provides the following:

    • TIMED MODE – mimics the actual AWS Certified Developer Associate exam environment under time pressure
    • REVIEW MODE – where you can view the answer and explanations after every question
    • SECTION-BASED TESTS – where you can focus and answer questions on specific topics/domains only.
    • FINAL TEST – where we randomly generate 65 questions from our entire question bank to help you gauge your readiness for the actual exam
  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS, REFERENCE LINKS, AND CHEAT SHEETS – our answer keys at the end of each set have full and detailed explanations along with complete reference links so you can check and verify yourself that the answers are correct. Plus bonus cheat sheets to help you better understand the concepts.
  • NEW FEATURE! FLASHCARDS – unique visual tools found at the end of the course which will help reinforce the core concepts needed to pass the exam.
  • HANDS-ON LABS – experience the actual AWS Management Console with our PlayCloud Labs!
  • EXAM STUDY GUIDE – this is added as a reference in the explanations in the practice tests. They are based on our own exam experience and intense research on the most important topics and most helpful resources to help you pass the exam.
  • UPDATED REAL-TIME AS WE RECEIVE FEEDBACK – we have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.
  • ACTIVE Q&A DISCUSSION BOARD – with inputs from the instructors and exam feedback from our students, our Forums section gives you the opportunity to know which topics recently appeared on the exam and better understand the AWS services and concepts covered in the test.
  • VERY RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTORS – our friendly team of AWS experts is able to address all your issues and questions within 72 hours.
  • CONTAINS A TEST REPORT – to track your progress and show you which Knowledge Areas you need improvement.
  • MOBILE-COMPATIBLE – so you can conveniently review everywhere, anytime with your smartphone!
  • HAS BETTER VALUE THAN OFFICIAL AWS PRACTICE TEST – which is worth about $20 but only contains about 20 – 40 questions.
  • CLEAR AND ERROR-FREE QUESTIONS – Each item has a reference link that can validate the answer but you can also post in the Forums section so we can discuss any issues.
  • Prepared by AWS Certified Professionals who actually passed the AWS exam! (Please see our LinkedIn profiles to view our AWS Certificates)

It is also recommended that you pair this with our AWS Certified Developer Associate Video Course and our CDA Study Guide eBook to give you full coverage of the exam scope. You can view all of our AWS Certified Developer Associate exam reviewers here.

To enhance your exam preparation, don’t forget to visit the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Guide Study Path DVA-C02 for additional valuable resources and guidance.

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$14.99 USD

Course Includes

  • 6 Timed Mode
  • 6 Review Mode
  • 4 Section-Based
  • 1 Final Test
  • 17 Quizzes
  • Interactive Flashcards
  • Unlimited Access for 1 Year
  • Slack support
  • Instructors: Jon Bonso, Carlo Acebedo

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Posted 1 day ago
Great, questions are quite similar to the actual test

I've just passed the AWS Developer test with 858 out of 1000. Great course, definitely recommend it!

Posted 1 week ago

First attempt, studied the practice exams and took the exam today. I passed.

Posted 2 weeks ago


Posted 1 month ago
Great material for preparation

I passed the exam first attempt with good score, really similarity with the real exam. Highly recommended!

Ahmed Ali
Posted 2 months ago
Best preparation

Cleared the exam yesterday and just received my result. I scored 911 (looks like a special number :)) ). My preparation combo was Adrian's course + Tutorials Dojo practice exams. more than 60% of the exam questions were easier than the questions you will see here in the practice exams. Thanks Jon for your effort and the high quality content

Vinothraj Thanikasalam
Posted 2 months ago
Best Practice Exam With Clear Explanations

I passed Developer last week with 871 score. I completed all timed mode & the final test & went through the explanations for all incorrect answers. Explanations were pretty clear & help you understand things better. I strongly suggest these exams!!!

Ramon de Bruyn
Posted 2 months ago
Solid preparation

I recently passed my exam. Contrary to other's experiences, the exam was much harder than these practice questions. In my case, the exam actually asked few of the exact questions that had been asked in the materials presented in the course, but combined with the Udemy course taught by Stephane Maarek, these materials were a fantastic consolidation tool. As some others have mentioned, I found it very important to go over the reasons for both the correct and incorrect answers in each of the questions. I'm glad I did. Thorough questions, with thorough explanations. Could not have asked for more. Great resource!

Posted 3 months ago
Great content

I passed the exam with a good score thanks to this practice tests who helped me a lot. The practice tests is a great option to deep dive into AWS Developer services like Lambda, DynamoDB, SAM, CloudFormation and many others.

Revy Ramirez
Posted 3 months ago
Great Review Material!

Resource wise this is great! Concept, Theory and right answer to the question is well explained but one candidate can't on this alone. Ung actual and the questions here only 2 out of 65 questions lang ung how they are constructed so better watch videos din or take alternative reviewer like kay S.M. kasi mas "complicated" ung wording ng test questions. I recommend perfect all this reviewer and understanding bakit un ung sagot then do the exam ni S.M din para sure tlga you are going to pass. Prepared for the exam since November 2022.exam Mar.2024 -PASS! Shorter preparation sana if I was mentally and emotionally prepared noon but still happy I passed because of this reviewer. Thank you so much team of Tutorials Dojo and si Jon! SysOps Administration naman for me! Good luck guys!

Posted 3 months ago
Passed the exam on my first attempt

After finishing a study course about the AWS Developer Exam, I used these tutorials dojo practice exams to bridge any gaps I had in my knowledge. Amazing resource! It really helps you identify where your weak points are. The explanations on why you got them wrong are phenomenal. I took the certification exam yesterday and got a pass.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!