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AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Practice Exams

150+ AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Questions in TIMED mode, REVIEW mode, SECTION-BASED, and FINAL TEST mode with Explanations, Reference Links, Score Tracking, Plus BONUS Flashcards

Course Description

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals ( AZ-900 ) exam is intended for beginners who work with cloud-based solutions and services. Candidates should be able to demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, workloads, security, privacy, pricing, support, as well as networking, storage, compute, application support, and application development.

Begin your Azure journey with the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification! 

This AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course is for anyone who is looking for a study material that provides the following:

  • REAL SIMULATION of all AZ-900 Question Types – we are the only practice test platform that can provide you a real simulation of the unique questions types in the AZ-900 exam, which includes: Dropdown, Drag and Drop, and Hotspot or Multiple Yes/No questions.
    • TIMED MODE – mimics the actual AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam environment under time pressure
    • REVIEW MODE – where you can view the answer and explanations after every question
    • SECTION-BASED TESTS – where you can focus and answer questions on specific topics/domains only.
    • FINAL TEST – where we randomly generate 40 questions from our entire question bank to help you gauge your readiness for the actual exam
  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS, REFERENCE LINKS, AND CHEAT SHEETS – our answer keys at the end of each set have full and detailed explanations along with complete reference links so you can check and verify yourself that the answers are correct. Plus bonus cheat sheets to help you better understand the concepts.
  • EXAM STUDY GUIDE – this is added as a reference in the explanations in the practice tests. They are based on our own exam experience and intense research on the most important topics and most helpful resources to help you pass the exam.
  • UPDATED REAL-TIME AS WE RECEIVE FEEDBACK – we have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.
  • ACTIVE Q&A DISCUSSION BOARD – with inputs from the instructors and exam feedback from our students, our Forums section gives you the opportunity to know which topics recently appeared on the exam and better understand the Azure services and concepts covered in the test.
  • VERY RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTORS – our friendly team of Azure experts is able to address all your issues and questions within 72 hours.
  • CONTAINS A TEST REPORT – to track your progress and show you which Knowledge Areas you need improvement.
  • MOBILE-COMPATIBLE – so you can conveniently review everywhere, anytime with your smartphone!
  • CLEAR AND ERROR-FREE QUESTIONS – Each item has a reference link that can validate the answer but you can also post in the Forums section so we can discuss any issues.
  • Prepared by Azure Certified Professionals who actually passed the Azure AZ-900 exam! (Please see our LinkedIn profiles to view our Azure Certificates)

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 4 Topics
  • 3 Timed Mode
  • 3 Review Mode
  • 3 Section-Based
  • 1 Final Test
  • 10 Quizzes
  • Interactive Flashcards
  • Unlimited Access for 1 Year
  • Slack support
  • Instructors: Jon Bonso, Matt Hidalgo

Ratings and Reviews

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70 Ratings
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Posted 2 weeks ago
great help

this course is a great help to better understand the topics, to strengthen the study and to have a better perception of how the questions will work. passed at first try 🙂

Posted 3 weeks ago

Thank you TD for this course. Questions are similar to the actual exam. Very solid and challenging.

Jason Lane
Posted 2 months ago
Passed with a 737 !

Took these practice tests after studying for a week and passed my first try !

Posted 2 months ago
Muy bien, pasé el examen con 740

sin conocer nada de azure, solo hice estos examenes y pasé con 740 puntos, las preguntas y respuestas son muy parecidas aunque no exactamente iguales. Solo estudie 3 días todooooo el día y así pase el examen, tambien hice la prueba que tiene microsoft para complementar, pero en definitiva lo recomiento, voy por el Az-104

Posted 3 months ago
Misleading question

There was a question of: "You need to recommend an Azure service that will automatically deploy the same set of servers to another region" The correct answer was "ARM templates" however the question was a bit misleading as ARM templates won't 'automatically' deploy a set of servers, they give you the ability to manually deploy a set of servers. I am enjoying the quizzes however they are well-rounded. Many thanks.

Posted 3 months ago

Thank you for your review. We have forwarded this to our technical team for investigation and fixing if needed. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the quizzes. We hope you learned a lot from them. All the best!

Leandro Ripoll
Posted 5 months ago
Passed AZ-900

Excelente todo. Las preguntas casi iguales al exámen. Recomiendo 100% antes de rendir, realizaar estos exámenes de prueba.

Posted 5 months ago
Scale Set information is wrong

There is a question where a mission critical workload needs to be available when an AZ goes down. The solution proposes that deployment to a Scale Set should be sufficient. This is incorrect. A scale set can be deployed in a single zone mode. The flash card also incorrectly states that a scale set is automatically deployed in a multi-AZ configuration. Please fix this. Good set of questions although certainly repetitive. Some more unique questions would be helpful.

Posted 5 months ago

Hello, thanks for your review.
To ensure greater clarity, we have made some slight adjustments to the exam question solution. These modifications aim to provide a clearer understanding of the scenario requirements.
The changes have been reflected in the updated version of the question. We understand the importance of providing clear instructions and appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to deliver the best possible learning experience.
Should you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Thank you.

Posted 6 months ago
Will be back for AZ-104

This was such a great resource for the AZ-900 I just passed today and the questions are so similar to real test 10/10 would recommend to anyone. I will be back when I start studying for AZ-104

Harsh Soni
Posted 6 months ago

Passed! Really helpful

Posted 7 months ago
passed AZ-900

the test product for AZ-900 is perfect. the test were very good and educational and mimicked the exam experience. the explanations were excellent for each question in study mode. thank you. highly recommend Tutorial Dojo.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!