AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Practice Exams

150+ AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Questions in TIMED mode, REVIEW mode, SECTION-BASED, and FINAL TEST mode with Explanations, Reference Links, Score Tracking, Plus BONUS Flashcards

Course Description

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals ( AZ-900 ) exam is intended for beginners who work with cloud-based solutions and services. Candidates should be able to demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, workloads, security, privacy, pricing, support, as well as networking, storage, compute, application support, and application development.

Begin your Azure journey with the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification! 

This AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course is for anyone who is looking for a study material that provides the following:

  • REAL SIMULATION of all AZ-900 Question Types – we are the only practice test platform that can provide you a real simulation of the unique questions types in the AZ-900 exam, which includes: Dropdown, Drag and Drop, and Hotspot or Multiple Yes/No questions.
    • TIMED MODE – mimics the actual AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam environment under time pressure
    • REVIEW MODE – where you can view the answer and explanations after every question
    • SECTION-BASED TESTS – where you can focus and answer questions on specific topics/domains only.
    • FINAL TEST – where we randomly generate 40 questions from our entire question bank to help you gauge your readiness for the actual exam
  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS, REFERENCE LINKS, AND CHEAT SHEETS – our answer keys at the end of each set have full and detailed explanations along with complete reference links so you can check and verify yourself that the answers are correct. Plus bonus cheat sheets to help you better understand the concepts.
  • EXAM STUDY GUIDE – this is added as a reference in the explanations in the practice tests. They are based on our own exam experience and intense research on the most important topics and most helpful resources to help you pass the exam.
  • UPDATED REAL-TIME AS WE RECEIVE FEEDBACK – we have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.
  • ACTIVE Q&A DISCUSSION BOARD – with inputs from the instructors and exam feedback from our students, our Forums section gives you the opportunity to know which topics recently appeared on the exam and better understand the Azure services and concepts covered in the test.
  • VERY RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTORS – our friendly team of Azure experts is able to address all your issues and questions within 72 hours.
  • CONTAINS A TEST REPORT – to track your progress and show you which Knowledge Areas you need improvement.
  • MOBILE-COMPATIBLE – so you can conveniently review everywhere, anytime with your smartphone!
  • CLEAR AND ERROR-FREE QUESTIONS – Each item has a reference link that can validate the answer but you can also post in the Forums section so we can discuss any issues.
  • Prepared by Azure Certified Professionals who actually passed the Azure AZ-900 exam! (Please see our LinkedIn profiles to view our Azure Certificates)

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Course Includes

  • 3 Timed Mode
  • 3 Review Mode
  • 3 Section-Based
  • 1 Final Test
  • 10 Quizzes
  • Interactive Flashcards
  • Unlimited Access for 1 Year
  • Slack support
  • Instructors: Jon Bonso, Matt Hidalgo

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Posted 2 weeks ago
Best study place

I'm learning here for AWS And Azure it's always practical, Technical, and getting to the point. Thanks !

Posted 2 weeks ago
Super helpful

Passed with a 905 after the first attempt. This course will get you on the right track.

Kivu Marius
Posted 2 months ago

Worked hard to reach 100% before exam days , and passed with flying colors. Amazing structure, first time when I bought this, and I was lucky to find the best materials, and it was perfect. Bought Az-104 now..trying to up the level. Hopes are high to get that one now 😛

Posted 2 months ago
Great for AZ-900 - 905 in first attempt

All the explanations in the answers provides context for the content. Not exactly the same but good amount of question are similar in format / way of the sentence is presented

Posted 3 months ago
PASSED AZ-900 TODAY with an 873

Wouldn't have passed without this course. Exam format was very similar. Thank you TD team!

Posted 3 months ago
Helped a ton

Passed with 892 first try. While not all of the questions were on the practice test I felt the different formats provided by TD helped a ton. I especially like how the review section goes into full detail on the service discussed in the questions.

Posted 3 months ago
Helped me prepare for AZ-900

TD practice tests were fantastic! Had similar format, question wording. Was beneficial to my preparation. 10/10

Posted 4 months ago
Passed 🙂

The course was a great help for the exam. The thorough details and links were really helpful in the answers review section. Passed at first try and Thanks to the TD team.

David Ibe
Posted 4 months ago
I passed 810/1000

I found the mock exams extremely helpful and more challenging than WhizLabs. This helped me gain a fuller understanding of the subject matter. Between WhizLabs, Tutorials DOJO and Measureup. I’d say Measureup was the most challenging. That said, all of the above, built upon one another. I can’t say, I saw many of the mock questions in the exam. No more than 2-3 max. A total of 34 questions were presented in the exam and time allocated was 45 minutes. You won’t fluke the exam. You’ll need to know your stuff, hence time put in, will be rewarded. All the best.

Daniel Kryska
Posted 4 months ago
873 score

30% of the most point-giving questions were covered in the exams from this site 🙂 Thanks for the content!

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