Journey to Cloud: A FREE Beginner’s Guide


Welcome to Cloud Computing! This FREE beginner’s guide is a perfect resource if you are just getting yourself acquainted with cloud computing. In this eBook, we will discuss what cloud computing is all about, give you an overview of the basics of Azure, AWS, and GCP, discuss the different certification learning paths, and provide information that can help you make a successful career shift. More importantly, we will also share some unique ways to help you build credentials and land that dream job of yours!


Journey to Cloud: A FREE Beginner’s Guide is the perfect introduction for anyone interested in learning about cloud computing.  Some curious Cloud Computing questions are: do cloud servers hover above the troposphere on an airship? Why are so many companies leveraging the power of cloud computing to run their production workloads? Why should you care at all? Of course, the physical servers that run your applications in AWS, Azure, or GCP are hosted on various data centers around the globe. Cloud providers may also use colocation data centers that could be situated on one of the floors of your office building. And no, these compute resources are not floating 10,000 feet above sea level on a dirigible balloon!

In Tutorials Dojo’s Journey to Cloud: A FREE Beginner’s Guide, we will discuss the basic concepts and benefits of cloud computing. We will help you learn the basics of the cloud, compare the top three cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP), and discover which certification is the right one for you. We also included various ways to build your credentials for your next career jump.

Below are some FAQs about the free eBook:

I just got the eBook. Where do I download the content?

After registering to our site (if you don’t have an account with us yet) and proceeding with the checkout, you’ll be directed to the order confirmation screen where you can download the Journey to Cloud: A FREE Beginner’s Guide eBook. You’ll also get an email confirmation with a download link.

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You’ll have lifetime access to the eBook and you can download it unlimited times.


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