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  • Bonus Question FSx/File Gateway – Possibly needs an update?

  • ccatchings

    December 12, 2023 at 4:57 pm


    I saw the following question in the bonus exam question set:

    A company is using an on-premises Windows file server to store 1 TB of data. About 5 GB worth of new data is being produced every day. The company has an AWS Direct Connect connection from the on-premises network to the AWS VPC. As part of the ongoing migration process, about half of its Windows-based workload has been migrated to the AWS cloud. The data stored on the on-premises server needs to be available on a file system for the servers in AWS.

    Which of the following options is the recommended migration strategy for this scenario?

    CORRECT ANSWER: Create an Amazon FSx for Windows File Server share on the AWS management console. Schedule a daily task on AWS DataSync that will replicate the data between the on-premises Windows file server and Amazon FSx.

    ONE INCORRECT ANSWER: Use AWS Storage Gateway – File Gateway to create an SMB share on the on-premises data center to replace the existing Windows file server. Point the existing file shares to the new file gateway share.

    REASON: This may be possible, however, the data in the file gateway is sent to Amazon S3. Once all Windows-based workloads are migrated to the AWS cloud, you will still need to set up a new Windows File server for file sharing. This can cause an interruption to your applications.

    Storage Gateway distinguishes between two types of File Gateways – Amazon S3 and Amazon FSx for Windows. The listed incorrect answer does not indicate usage of S3 File Gateway here – just that File Gateway can be used. If the answer said to use S3 File Gateway it would clearly be incorrect. However, I think FSx File Gateway would be the correct answer here over Data Sync as the latter would result in a entire day of files between the on-premises file server and FSx being out-of-sync.

    Just my thoughts!


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