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  • EBS Throughput IOPS question

  • Venkat Subramani

    March 17, 2024 at 9:17 pm


    Can you please explain the formula? How about if the question had said, :

    20GiB or 5GiB? and diff type of EBS device say io2?

    Qn: A company has a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster that is composed of EC2 Instances with Provisioned IOPS (io1) volume to process transaction-intensive, low-latency workloads. The Solutions Architect must maintain high IOPS while keeping the latency down by setting the optimal queue length for the volume. The size of each volume is 10 GiB.


    Therefore, for instance, a 10 GiB volume can be provisioned with up to 500 IOPS. Any volume 640 GiB in size or greater allows provisioning up to a maximum of 32,000 IOPS (50 × 640 GiB = 32,000). Hence, the correct answer is to set the IOPS to 500 then maintain a low queue length.

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