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  • Elaborate the answers for this

  • sanjoyt

    December 5, 2023 at 6:58 am

    Question 1

    Database Specialist needs to deploy a new CloudFormation stack for an application that uses an Amazon RDS database. For data compliance purposes, the template should be designed in a way that prevents accidental deletion or data loss in the database. If the stack is deleted, AWS CloudFormation must keep the database resource without any changes.

    Which of the following should be implemented to meet this requirement? (Select THREE.)

    A: Configure the DeletionPolicy attribute to Retain.
    B: Set the DeletionProtection attribute of the AWS CloudFormation template to true.
    C: Set the DeletionPolicy attribute of the template to Snapshot.
    D: Ensure that the DeleteAutomatedBackups property of the AWS::RDS::DBInstance resource is set to false.
    E: Verify that there is no attached DeletionPolicy attribute to the RDS resource.
    F: Ensure that the MultiAZ property of the AWS::RDS::DBInstance resource is set to true.

    Correct answer for this is A, B and D. I understand why. Now there is a question that is slightly different wording and trying to understand the reason for answer.

    Question 2

    An AWS CloudFormation stack that included an Amazon RDS DB instance was accidentally deleted and recent data was lost. A Database Specialist needs to add RDS settings to the CloudFormation template to reduce the chance of accidental instance data loss in the future.
    Which settings will meet this requirement? (Choose three.)
    A. Set DeletionProtection to True
    B. Set MultiAZ to True
    C. Set TerminationProtection to True
    D. Set DeleteAutomatedBackups to False
    E. Set DeletionPolicy to Delete
    F. Set DeletionPolicy to Retain

    I choose A, D, F as answer. But, was told it is A, C, F. Wanted to understand the difference between Question 1 and Question 2 and answers.

  • JR-TutorialsDojo

    December 12, 2023 at 6:25 pm

    Hi sanjoyt,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Take note that TerminationProtection is a property of the AWS CloudFormation stack, not the RDS instance. When you set this property to true, it prevents the stack from being accidentally deleted.

    The key difference between the two questions is that Question 1 is focused on protecting the database within the stack, while Question 2 is focused on protecting both the stack and the database. That’s why in Question 2, setting TerminationProtection to True is one of the correct answers. This property protects the entire stack from being accidentally deleted. I hope this helps!

    Let me know if you have further clarifications.

    JR @ Tutorials Dojo

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