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  • Query with DBS-C01 Practice Exam Question

  • s.amit29

    November 16, 2022 at 11:31 am


    I have a doubt with one question from the DBS-C01 practice exams:


    “A Database Specialist is creating an AWS CloudFormation template that will deploy various Amazon DynamoDB tables to the AWS environment. The template is expected to be updated regularly based on the testing results. Each table must be independently configurable so that the deployment system can dynamically assign its respective provisioned read capacity units (RCU) and write capacity units (WCU).

    Which of the following should be implemented to satisfy the above requirement?”

    As per the practice exam answer/explanation, the correct answer is:

    “Add a Mappings section in the CloudFormation template and include the RCU and WCU count values of the DynamoDB tables. In the ProvisionedThroughput property, configure the ReadCapacityUnits and WriteCapacityUnits to use the Ref intrinsic function to retrieve RCU and WCU count values from the mapping.”

    I would like to know if the below is also correct:

    Add values for two Number parameters, rcuCount and wcuCount, to the template. Replace the hard-coded values with calls to the Ref intrinsic function, referencing the new parameters.

    I would really appreciate if you please let me know.


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