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  • snowball timeframe for migration remark

  • kung

    May 28, 2020 at 9:52 pm

    The scenario is “migrate 80 TB of data strictly in 1 week”

    Correct answer: AWS Snowball Edge (indeed/agree), but based on my experience (!) this time constraint can be very tricky.

    a. shipping out = assume this takes 2 day (easily, and that’s within a country!)
    b. loading by aws = 2 days at least

    that leaves only 3 days to get your data onto your Snowball
    and this depends very much on how easy it is to get your data out of your systems!

    Most likely there will be bottle-necks and challenges/different systems to deal with.
    (and now I assume they did already some testing to figure out the best way to connect and set the transfer configuration settings in advance; and cut all the red-tape/security concerns which there will be in bigger companies to connect this ‘alien’ device into the data center!)

    So this ‘strictly in 1 week’ is more like AWS marketing talk then something realistic in the context of ‘moving all data from a datacenter out’.

    BTW, ‘you cannot use the regular AWS Snowball. Instead, use Snowball Edge which has 80 TB of usable capacity.’, as you know from our earlier sysops discussions on Udemy, there’s only snowball edge storage and compute optimized left currently, so good to update this question also.


  • TutorialsDojo-Support

    May 31, 2020 at 2:21 pm

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The correct answer is updated to use “Snowball Edge”.

    I understand that that using requesting Snowball Edge may some time (1-2 days). But given the other choices, Snowball Edge the only viable option that is quick and cost-effective.

    Requesting Snowmobile takes a longer time and costs more.

    Using AWS S3 CLI commands to update data using your company internet connection will take weeks to do.

    And AWS Connect Omnichannel is not used for data migration.

    The theoretical “1-week limit” was used as an estimate based on the delivery time outlined on AWS document:


    As you have stated, there may be reasons that deliveries will be delayed, but these are out of our control.


    Kenneth Samonte @Tutorials Dojo

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