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  • azurj

    January 13, 2024 at 4:57 pm

    Some of the questions leave me wanting to bang my head against the wall with how vague they’re written. My question is, is this specific language taken from the actual exams, or have the exam writers here rewritten the questions into this “could go either way” format.

    Example from an AZ-900 question:

    “Resource groups cannot span multiple regions. Yes/No”

    The facts are that a resource group exists in one region and the resources in that group can come from multiple different regions. So we are left trying to get into the head of the question author: does “Resource groups” in the question relate to the resource group itself or the resources/contents of the group.

    The explanation from this site states in the answer states:

    Azure resource groups are regional in scope but can contain Azure resources that span to multiple regions.

    Resource groups cannot span multiple regions is incorrect because resources in a resource group can be located in different regions than the resource group.

    The link to the MS learn page at has no instance of the word “span” anywhere on the page (perhaps there used to be). Perhaps MS Learn used to have language like this but they’ve since modified the language to not be so vague. I’ve certainly provided my share of feedback on the Learn pages regarding poorly written sentences which leave one scratching their head.

    My question again: is this reflective of the style and language used in the actual exam questions or are these instances of, IMHO, poorly “reworded” questions from the exam writers/authors on this site?


    January 21, 2024 at 2:50 pm

    I second this, it’s a poorly worded question.

  • Tutorials-Dojo

    January 22, 2024 at 11:15 am

    Hi Jessie and AS,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback.

    Resources of the resource group can be located in different regions than its associated resource group. A resource group stores metadata about the resources in a specific region where it was created, but the actual Azure resources that it contains can be in a totally different region. When you specify a location for the resource group, you’re practically specifying where that metadata is stored.

    The actual scenario is a hotspot question containing 3 items, as shown below:

    – Resource groups cannot span multiple regions = No

    – Resources can connect to other resources located in another resource group = Yes

    – You can add or remove a resource to a resource group at any time = Yes

    The word “span” basically means the coverage or the scope of something. This term is used in AWS and the documentation of other cloud service providers when describing the reach of a particular service/resource, so the word itself shouldn’t be the issue.

    The first statement says: “Resource groups cannot span multiple regions”

    I understand that it may seem a little ambiguous at first, but that statement doesn’t mention anything about its “resources”, which is what you’ll see in the second statement. Therefore, this one is clearly alluding to the actual resource itself. Nonetheless, I do get the confusion that this statement brings.

    To avoid any issues, we have just revised this scenario to further accentuate that we are talking about the resource group itself and not its resources.

    Let us know if you need further assistance. The Tutorials Dojo team is dedicated to help you pass your AWS exam on your first try!


    Jon Bonso @ Tutorials Dojo

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