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With 150+ pages of cheat sheets, study guides, and tips, this eBook is certainly an excellent review material that is best used with our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exams.


Our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner eBook contains an overview of the AWS certification exam and what to expect in the actual test. It also contains our study guide with tips and recommended reading materials, cheat sheets for ONLY the relevant AWS services, as well as comparison of similar AWS services that can help you solve the tricky scenario questions in the actual test.

Below are some FAQs about the eBook:

Can this eBook be bundled with your AWS practice test course?

Absolutely! You can bundle this with our practice test course and get a small discount.

I just purchased the eBook. Where do I download the content?

Once the payment has been processed, you’ll be directed to the order confirmation screen where you can download the eBook. You’ll also get an email confirmation with a download link.

Important note: For security purposes, the link in the email confirmation will only allow you to download the eBook when you are logged into your Tutorials Dojo account.

How long will I have access to the eBook?

The download link expires exactly one year after your purchase. Technically, once you download the eBook, you’ll already have lifetime access to the content. However, we are giving you the opportunity to download the updated versions of our eBooks for free up to three times within a year.

We usually update our cheat sheets once every quarter so if you bought our ebook, you can re-download the eBook for free every three months to get the latest version. We’ll create a dedicated Announcements page so you’ll know when we’ve made updates to the content. Then, simply visit your Downloads page to re-download the eBook.

Once you’ve downloaded it four times, you’ll no longer be able to make any succeeding downloads. Finally, your access to our eBook updates will then expire exactly a year after you purchased it.

Can I refund my eBook purchase?

We will only allow refunds if you have never downloaded the eBook. Once you download the eBook, even if it’s just once, you’ll forfeit your eligibility for a refund. For eligible refunds, kindly send your request to support@tutorialsdojo.com.


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