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This practice exam literally saved me from failing

I paid an virtual online course (not from here), and even completed Amazon’s official free course, and became quite confident to pass the exam.
I found some free brain dumps, tried them, found them to be easy; and further added to my overconfidence that I will breeze through the actual exam.

However, I googled around and found out good reviews about Tutorialsdojo and got curious.
That was when I failed every single practice exam, and go me horrified how under-prepared I was.
I was not expecting to braindump my way to this cert, as I needed to retain actual knowledge for my new job, and the practice exams slapped me awake.

I panicked as it was too late to change my exam time/date, so I had to hunker down and really get gud.
Finally, I scored a 798 and passed.
Really thankful to this site!


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